Haupt does one thing extremely well: men’s woven shirts. The German company, which now makes more than a million units a year, has focused on men’s shirts for nearly 90 years.

Jack Makoujy, the founder of Schuyler 4 Ltd. has worked with Haupt since 1977, a couple years after he discovered the brand at a German apparel fair in Cologne. 

Georg Haupt started the company in Leipzig in 1926, as an apron and kitchen uniform manufacturer before switching over to men’s shirts completely. After the Second World War, the Haupt family moved the company from eastern Germany to the town of Lippstadt in the west, narrowly missing the closure of the Iron Curtain. Today, the company is run by another Georg Haupt, the founder’s grandson. The brand is strong throughout Northern Europe and Scandinavia, selling to the better men’s specialty store market—much as it does in North America.

“Haupt has two designers: Birgit Glaser has a great eye for color and Lutz Schira has fit and modeling down completely. Because it’s a man and woman team, the result is balanced design.”

Seventy-five percent of Haupt’s business is sport shirts while the dress shirt collection accounts for the rest. Every model is offered in regular or modern fit, long or short sleeved. Retail price points are between $145 and $225.